EGC 2013


The final brochure of EGC 2013 has now been published and the full agenda is inside! Click here to see it.

Details can be found in the table bellow:


Poster Presentations and Country Updates Day 1
Day 2
04/06/2013Click here to see all presentations
Day 3
05/06/2013Click here to see all presentations
Day 4
06/06/2013Click here to see all presentations
Day 5
Day 6
Main Congress morning    Plenary openin Plenary  Parallel sessions Excursion to Larderello
Main Congress afternoon   Parallel sessions Parallel sessions Plenary closing
Main Congress evening  Icebreaker     Congress Banquet   
Courses  International Course on Drilling, completion and testing of geothermal wells
         International Course on Ground Source Heat Pumps
EU Project Conferences  Groundmed    Geoelec Thermomap Geoelec    
Other Side Events   UGI AGM  EGEC AGM   IGA-ERB AGM