EGC 2013


Palazzo dei Congressi

The EGC 2013 is taking place in the Palazzo dei Congressi in Pisa. This fantastic modern facility offers all the necessary amenities for large plenary sessions, several parallel sessions, exhibition, breaks, etc.

The city of Pisa

Pisa is located in the plains of river Arno, near the Mediterranean Sea. University, schools and research facilities strongly influence the character of the city. Pisa is easily accessible by road (A11, A12), by train (from Genova, Firenze or Livorno) and by plane (airports in Pisa and in Firenze). You can find more information on Pisa here.

Being in Pisa in June (Giugno) will give the astonishing opportunity of being present at the Giugno Pisano celebrations. Every year the city of Pisa celebrates its historical traditions with the entire month of June dedicated to traditional events, history, plays, concerts and exhibitions. During “Giugno Pisano”, Pisa celebrates some important historical events, mainly in conjunction with the patron saint’s day. The main events are:

•             the Luminara of S. Ranieri on 16th Jume

•             the Festa of S.Ranieri on 17th June

•             the Historical Regatta of S. Ranieri on 17th June afternoon

•             the Gioco del Ponte on the last Saturday of June

Every 4 years, the Historical Regatta delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare is coming to Pisa. 2013 will be such a year with a date set preliminary for 2nd of June.

Please consider to extend your stay and enjoy the Pisa medieval atmosphere. For more information visit