EGC 2013

Why attend?

EGC 2013 is a joint activity, organised by the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) under the auspices of the European Regional Branch of the International Geothermal Association IGA (IGA-ERB), and in cooperation with the national Italian Geothermal Association (UGI). Main sponsor of EGC 2013 is the Italian renewable power producer ENEL Green Power (EGP).

An exhibition for geothermal equipment, services, etc. will be held parallel with the congress.

Side events like ISS short courses (IGA – International Summer School on Geothermal Energy) or conferences of EU-supported projects (already confirmed: Groundmed, Geoelec and Thermomap) will be organised alongside the congress.

The organisers ask to submit abstracts for papers concerning all areas of geothermal energy use, from very shallow systems to deep drillings and high-enthalpy fields. Both the technological and the economic side will be in focus:


  • Geothermal power inEurope– projects, ideas, experiences (low-temperature binary cycles, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), high-enthalpy fields, etc.)
  • Direct geothermal uses inEurope– district heating, agriculture and more
  • Geothermal heat pumps inEurope–the largest market sector in the geothermal field
  • Exploration and planning – geological subsurface data, documentation, access to data
  • Other topics


  • Financing, corporate structures, “bankability”, etc.
  • Legal aspects (licenses, mining rights, etc.)
  • Policy (targets and programs, evaluation of national and EU support opportunities, etc.)
  • Socio-economic aspects of geothermal energy, public relations, etc.
  • Other topics

There will be again the exercise of Country Updates. Those papers will require a specific format and will be organised by a dedicated group of convenors (M. Antics, R. Bertani and B. Sanner). If you are interested to contribute in this field, please contact the secretariat.

The language of the congress will be English exclusively.